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Stress in language
  日期:2007-06-30 10:10:59
  Word for the WiseApril 17, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Stress in language Todaythe day after federal income taxes are payableis National Stress Awareness Day. How to be aware of stress in our language? Trust us when we say that investigating stress in Engl
Compatriot, patriot & patrioteer
  日期:2007-06-30 10:09:03
  Word for the WiseApril 18, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Compatriot, patriot mdash;and decades after the death of the midnight rider named for his fatherthat trip was immortalized in a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Despite taking liberties with a few d
  日期:2007-06-30 10:07:23
  Word for the WiseApril 19, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Antimacassar A fellow passed along some information he'd unearthed about the antimacassar. Sit back while we share some of his story. Back in the early 1800s, a Londoner named Rowland began marketing a
  日期:2007-06-30 10:05:50
  Word for the WiseApril 20, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Nugation Our investigation was inspired by a query about the term nugation. No, there is no connection between nugation and the nutty-sugar paste nougat concoction; nugation is the now-obsolete termbor
  日期:2007-06-30 10:04:18
  Word for the WiseApril 23, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Petard We're marking the birth of William Shakespeare (on or around this date in 1564) with a look at a Shakespearean phrase. In Act Three of Hamlet, Shakespeare has his melancholy Prince muse: For 'ti
Netiquette and emoticon
  日期:2007-06-30 10:02:25
  Word for the WiseApril 24, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Netiquette and emoticon Electronic Communications Week finds us looking at some of the lingo of netiquette. Netiquette, of course, is the term that blends net (shortened from internet) and etiquette an
Hibernate and Hibernia
  日期:2007-06-30 10:00:43
  Word for the WiseApril 25, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Hibernate and Hibernia With winter really and truly finally over, we're ready to crawl out from our cozy lair and address a listener's question aboutyou guessed ithibernation. To backtrack a bit, our c
Words of 1944
  日期:2007-06-30 09:59:13
  Word for the WiseApril 26, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Words of 1944 63 years ago this week, Franklin D. Roosevelt did something he had done 15 times before: back in 1944, after escalating tension between the executive branch and the Montgomery Ward home o
Words of 1967
  日期:2007-06-30 09:55:19
  Word for the WiseApril 30, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Words of 1967 40 years ago today, Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight title and his license to box. Why? Because the champ, who had renounced his birthname of Cassius Clay upon his conversion
Ghost writers
  日期:2007-06-30 09:53:06
  Word for the WiseMarch 01, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Ghost writers We promised not to reveal who is behind National Ghost Writer Week, but we can't resist giving a wink to those folks who quietly write for and in the name of another. As you might expect
Dr. Seuss
  日期:2007-06-30 09:51:12
  Word for the WiseMarch 02, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Dr. Seuss Today we mark the 103rd birth anniversary of Theodor Geisel (better remembered as Dr. Seuss) , and, not coincidentally, the tenth anniversary of Read Across America. Read Across America is th
Pompons and pompoms
  日期:2007-06-30 09:49:15
  Word for the WiseMarch 05, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Pompons and pompoms We were tickled by the idea that such a thing as National Cheerleading Week existslet's hear it for the cheerleaders!and since that celebration of spirit kicks off today, we will an
  日期:2007-06-30 09:47:04
  Word for the WiseMarch 06, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Procrastination With National Procrastination Week well underway (we're exaggerating a bit; today is only the second day), we're refusing to put off (any longer) a look at words familiar to those fond
Words of the senses
  日期:2007-06-30 09:45:10
  Word for the WiseMarch 07, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Words of the senses A friend sensitive to the care needed for newborns and their moms was touched by a sign promising Infant Hearing Testing. The sight of the sequential hearing and testing got her thi
Labels applied to women
  日期:2007-06-30 09:43:07
  Word for the WiseMarch 08, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Labels applied to women We're marking International Women's Day with a look at a few labels applied to women. We begin with little woman, an informal way to say wife. Another informal term for wife is
  日期:2007-06-30 09:40:52
  Word for the WiseMarch 09, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Virulent A scientist friend asked about the layperson's use of the word virulent. To our correspondent, the distinction between virulent and pathogenic is clearcut: something pathogenic involves pathog
  日期:2007-06-30 09:38:29
  Word for the WiseMarch 12, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Boycott Charles Cunningham Boycott was born in England on this date in 1832. His early life excited little notice; Boycott the boy grew up to become a captain in the British army and then a land agent
Play by ear
  日期:2007-06-30 09:36:12
  Word for the WiseMarch 13, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Play by ear You might not think a simple word question would play havoc with a relationship, but we heard from a listener asking us to referee what may sound like a playful question: where does the phr
Origin unknown
  日期:2007-06-30 09:34:02
  Word for the WiseMarch 14, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Origin unknown We couldn't tell you why this is so, but today is International Ask A Question Day. Our question is this: why is it that oodles of words with real pizzazz have histories labeled origin u
  日期:2007-06-30 09:31:23
  Word for the WiseMarch 15, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Newfangled After we were seized by the notion that something newfangled is generally less desirable than something simply new, we decided to investigate just what fangled adds to (or, more figuratively
James Madison
  日期:2007-06-30 09:28:53
  Word for the WiseMarch 16, 2007 Broadcast Topic: James Madison Freedom of Information Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary (in 1751) of James Madison, our young nation's fourth president. Madison is remembered as the Father of the Constitution
Presume, assume, presuppose, and postulate
  日期:2007-06-30 09:26:15
  Word for the WiseMarch 19, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Presume, assume, presuppose, and postulate We assume many folks might have the same thought we did upon learning today marks the birth anniversaryin 1813of Scottish missionary and explorer David Living
Amateurs and professionals
  日期:2007-06-30 09:23:26
  Word for the WiseMarch 20, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Amateurs and professionals Quite frequently, a program devoted to a math or science topic will elicit a comment from professionals in those fields. Blame it on 11th grade trig, but those subject line r
Exotic (to us, at least) terms
  日期:2007-06-30 09:20:22
  Word for the WiseMarch 21, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Exotic (to us, at least) terms Today we mark the traditional Persian New Year a bit untraditionally. Often, these celebrations inspire us to point out how many common English words count some unusual l
Marcel Marceau
  日期:2007-06-30 09:17:23
  Word for the WiseMarch 22, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Marcel Marceau On this birth anniversary of Marcel Marceauthe French mime was born with the original surname Mangel on this date in 1923we pay homage to the man whose fluency with English led him to se
Polka dot
  日期:2007-06-30 09:14:33
  Word for the WiseMarch 23, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Polka dot A friend who asked about the origin of the term polka dot knew we wouldn't dance around the matter for long: that name for a dot in a usually lively pattern of regularly distributed dots in t
Soviet cosmonauts and citizenship
  日期:2007-06-30 09:11:42
  Word for the WiseMarch 26, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Soviet cosmonauts and citizenship 15 years ago today, cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returned from an extended trip into space that earned him the nickname the last Soviet citizen. When he had left Earth in
Dungaree, denim, and jeans
  日期:2007-06-30 09:08:43
  Word for the WiseMarch 27, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Dungaree, denim, and jeans It's fittingyou should pardon the punthat an item of clothing worn around the world should have woven itself so thoroughly into the fabric of our lexicon. Like English itself
  日期:2007-06-30 09:06:08
  Word for the WiseMarch 28, 2007 Broadcast Topic: Clown Step right up! It was back on this date in 1881 (and not for the first time) that Phineas T. Barnum and James A. Bailey combined forces and circus wagons to create what they billed as the greates
A flow of words
  日期:2007-06-30 09:02:56
  Word for the WiseMarch 29, 2007 Broadcast Topic: A flow of words Although contemporary reports were sketchy, an ice jam in the upper river at Niagara Falls halted the flowing, rushing waters of that mighty cataract on this day in 1848. The immensity
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