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  日期:2007-06-30 05:09:11
  Word for the WiseNovember 09, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Integrity Recently we were passed along a lament from a fellow soon to be sworn in as a police officer. He had written the staple of the philosophical police officer抯 diet is the word 慽ntegrity?/e
Pass out
  日期:2007-06-30 05:07:02
  Word for the WiseNovember 10, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Pass out When we were asked to explain the story behind the verb pass out , we originally thought we抎 take a pass. After all, what could there be to say? But as so frequently happens, a little digg
Nounce words
  日期:2007-06-30 05:04:46
  Word for the WiseNovember 13, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Nonce words This Election Day were recalling November 7th, 1944, the day Franklin Delano Roosevelt won his finaland fourthpresidential election. This unusual event (we challenge anyone to come up wi
  日期:2007-06-30 05:02:39
  Word for the WiseNovember 14, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Impressionism French painter Claude Monet was born on this date in 1840. Monet was a leader in the impressionist movement, the practice and theory of depicting the natural appearance of objects by m
Than and from
  日期:2007-06-30 05:00:43
  Word for the WiseNovember 15, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Than and from We were asked if saying a different path than (rather than a different path from) is proper English. Since we would opt for a different path than over a different path from, we set dow
Cloud nine
  日期:2007-06-30 04:58:29
  Word for the WiseNovember 16, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Cloud nine When we got musing over the place of the number nine in mythology, we had to laugh. After all, we counted up nine muses , sister goddesses who preside over song and poetry, the arts and s
John Peter Zenger
  日期:2007-06-30 04:56:39
  Word for the WiseNovember 17, 2006 Broadcast Topic: John Peter Zenger Back on this date in 1734that is, 272 years ago todayJohn Peter Zenger, a 37 year old journalist, editor, and printer who had emigrated to the colonies more than two decades before
  日期:2007-06-30 04:55:05
  Word for the WiseNovember 20, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Sheik Today we mark the 1921 theatrical premiere of The Sheik, the silent film that turns 85 years old today. Although its star, Rudolph Valentino, was already famous by 1921, the success of that mo
  日期:2007-06-30 04:53:23
  Word for the WiseNovember 21, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Hippopotamus A reader writes, If hippology is the study of horses, then what is the term for the study of hippopotamuses? We hate to place the cart before the horse, but lets get things straight: th
Charles Darwin
  日期:2007-06-30 04:51:32
  Word for the WiseNovember 22, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Charles Darwin On November 22nd, 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. The book itself
  日期:2007-06-30 04:49:56
  Word for the WiseNovember 23, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Thanks This Thanksgiving, we're looking at a few thoughts on being thankful. Not surprisingly, we'll begin with the word thank which (thankfully) is one of the oldest words in our lexicon. Thank tra
  日期:2007-06-30 04:48:09
  Word for the WiseNovember 24, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Content A fellow contending with the adjectival content wrote us when he realized that making a connection between the adjective content meaning feeling or manifesting satisfaction with one's posses
  日期:2007-06-30 04:46:36
  Word for the WiseNovember 28, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Revenge A few years back, we heard from someone looking to verify that the line Revenge is a dish best served cold truly originates in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan. What she was told was that the
Army and navy
  日期:2007-06-30 04:45:16
  Word for the WiseNovember 29, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Army and navy We kick off todays program by noting that back on this date in 1890, the first ever Army-Navy football game was played. That nearly annual event (ten games have been missed over its ce
  日期:2007-06-30 04:43:47
  Word for the WiseNovember 30, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Cockaigne Today we mark the 75th anniversary of the release of The Joy of Cooking. That first edition of what would become the classic, beloved cookbook was self-published back in 1931. According to
Yom Kippur
  日期:2007-06-30 04:42:44
  Word for the WiseOctober 02, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Yom Kippur Today is Yom Kippur, literally, the Day of Atonement. As religious Jews make their observance, we'll make an observation or two about the linguisticand religiousplace of atonement. Religio
Veteran and veterinarian
  日期:2007-06-30 04:41:47
  Word for the WiseOctober 03, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Veteran and veterinarian Today we remember James Alfred Wight, born on October 3, 1916. Alf Wight served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and he served the animals of rural Yorkshi
Dick Tracy
  日期:2007-06-30 04:40:45
  Word for the WiseOctober 04, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Dick Tracy Today we mark the 1931 print debut of Dick Tracy . Chester Gould created and drew the eponymous cartoon strip for more than four decades, during which the square-jawed police detective bat
Tantrum, conniption, and hissy
  日期:2007-06-30 04:39:25
  Word for the WiseOctober 05, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Tantrum, conniption, and hissy Don't ask us to speculate on why parents of young children pass along such word questions, but we've recently been presented with the following words to investigate: ta
  日期:2007-06-30 04:38:01
  Word for the WiseOctober 06, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Maggoty A friend asked why something whimsical is also described as "maggoty." We can chalk up the explanation either to the capriciousness of our English language or to the fact that the meaning of
Amerindian and Eskimo
  日期:2007-06-30 04:36:23
  Word for the WiseOctober 09, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Amerindian and Eskimo This Columbus Day (and Native Americans' Day) we are exploring some terms used to name the aboriginal peoples of the Western Hemisphere. For the record, the stories behind plent
Spiro Agnew
  日期:2007-06-30 04:35:07
  Word for the WiseOctober 10, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Spiro Agnew Vice President Spiro Theodore Agnew, who died ten years ago last month, made history 33 years ago today, when he became the first vice president to resign in disgrace from that office. (J
  日期:2007-06-30 04:33:57
  Word for the WiseOctober 11, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Customize Here's a riddle: When would a dictionary customized to respect trademarks not include the word customize ? The answer: when that dictionary was published between 1932 and 1961. While we're
  日期:2007-06-30 04:32:39
  Word for the WiseOctober 12, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Sabotage Today we happily throw a monkey wrench into the works. What works are those? The ones which grind out tale after tale of word origins which sound good but just don't work. Our untrue but pla
Lenny Bruce
  日期:2007-06-30 04:31:44
  Word for the WiseOctober 13, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Lenny Bruce Leonard Alfred Schneider was born on October 13, 1925. The comedian and social satirist whose arrests and insistence on free speech helped establish his notoriety is better remembered, of
Webster and Wilde
  日期:2007-06-30 04:30:53
  Word for the WiseOctober 16, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Webster and Wilde This Dictionary Day we remember both Noah Webster (the great American lexicographer was born on this date in 1758) and his birthday comrade Oscar Wilde (that Irish writer was born 9
Rain forest
  日期:2007-06-30 04:29:57
  Word for the WiseOctober 17, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Rain forest Today is the second day of World Rain Forest Week. Since '93, the term rain forest has been applied to either a temperate or tropical rain forest, that is, to a tropical woodland with an
  日期:2007-06-30 04:29:01
  Word for the WiseOctober 18, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Confucius The 27th day of the eighth lunar month (thats today) is celebrated as the birthday of Confucius. Were celebrating with a look first at the life and then at the words of that most famous phi
  日期:2007-06-30 04:28:11
  Word for the WiseOctober 19, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Troll An internet friend curious about the metaphoric troll is one trolling or trawling when one is casting about indiscriminately for information online?dropped us a line asking us to tackle the top
  日期:2007-06-30 04:27:30
  Word for the WiseOctober 20, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Dillydally No dillydallying today: we are getting directly to the question of how dillydally made its way into our lexicon. Weve said it before and well say it again: dillydally is a reduplication of
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