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Goulash and paprika
  日期:2007-06-30 04:26:46
  Word for the WiseOctober 23, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Goulash and paprika The people of Hungary celebrate today as a Day of Remembrance for their 1956 uprising against Soviet domination; they also mark the anniversary of their country's declaration of i
Arabic food stories
  日期:2007-06-30 04:26:07
  Word for the WiseOctober 24, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Arabic food stories Ramadanthe ninth month of the Islamic calendar, a period of fasting between sunrise and sunset for many Muslimsended yesterday at sunset. Last nights sighting of the new moon mark
Geoffrey Chaucer
  日期:2007-06-30 04:25:33
  Word for the WiseOctober 25, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Geoffrey Chaucer The birth date of Geoffrey Chaucer is unrecorded (probably during 1342), but by the time that ribald poet and writer died in the year 1400, he was famous enough both to be buried in
Two bits
  日期:2007-06-30 04:24:48
  Word for the WiseOctober 26, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Two bits A regular listener wrote us when he suspected he and his wife had been using a phrase that no longer had currency. It seems that when his grandsons asked why he and grandma were using the te
  日期:2007-06-30 04:24:08
  Word for the WiseOctober 27, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Piggyback A piggybacking trailer is a truck trailer hauled on a railroad flatcar; a piggyback plant is a perennial herba foliage plantnative to western North America whose young plants are borne at t
  日期:2007-06-30 04:23:29
  Word for the WiseOctober 30, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Malapropism Today we tip our linguistic hat to Irish dramatist Richard Brinsley Sheridan, born on this date in seventeen-fifty-one. Sheridan is the most famous literary member of a famed family that
  日期:2007-06-30 04:22:34
  Word for the WiseSeptember 01, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Jimmies A husband and wife pair whose business includes dishing up ice cream for children asked about the word jimmies . Jimmies , for those who don't know, are tiny rod-shaped bits of usually choc
Coxey's Army
  日期:2007-06-30 04:21:55
  Word for the WiseSeptember 04, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Coxey's Army This Labor Day we pay tribute to Jacob Coxey, a businessman who believed in the working man. Coxey was a quarry owner and reformer who led a group known as Coxey's Army, which inspired
  日期:2007-06-30 04:21:13
  Word for the WiseSeptember 05, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Butterfly Which is the most likely explanation for how the butterfly got its name? A: From a long ago belief that butterflies (or witches in the shape of butterflies) steal milk and butter; B: Butt
Indian style
  日期:2007-06-30 04:20:14
  Word for the WiseSeptember 06, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Indian style A young woman who has dedicated her career to helping others create strong and healthy bodies wondered at an expression that comes out of her own mouth regularly: Indian-style . If she
  日期:2007-06-30 04:19:09
  Word for the WiseSeptember 07, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Google Back on this date in 1998, two graduate students opened the (garage) door in Menlo Park, California, on their new business: Google, Incorporated. The spelling of their company name (register
Goats and marigolds
  日期:2007-06-30 04:18:16
  Word for the WiseSeptember 08, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Goats and marigolds The coincidental pairing of Goat Days in Millington, Tennessee, and the Marigold Festival in Pekin, Illinoisboth events run through the weekendfinds us ruminating over whether w
Grief, anguish, woe, and sorrow
  日期:2007-06-30 04:17:12
  Word for the WiseSeptember 11, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Grief, anguish, woe, and sorrow Today we mark a somber anniversary: it's been five years since terrorists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We've heard plenty of talk about grief and
Words from Charles Dudley Warner
  日期:2007-06-30 04:16:21
  Word for the WiseSeptember 12, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Words from Charles Dudley Warner Today we mark the 1829 birth of writer Charles Dudley Warner. Even if you knew Warner was a newspaper editor and published more than a dozen books, we'd guess you'd
  日期:2007-06-30 04:15:28
  Word for the WiseSeptember 13, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Bourbon Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the Kentucky Bourbon Festival running today through Sunday in Bardstown, Kentucky. Its organizers claim 65% of the world's bourbon is dist
  日期:2007-06-30 04:14:32
  Word for the WiseSeptember 14, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Sticks A listener asked if we'd ever covered the topic of stick-in-the-mud . Since we'd prefer not to be tarnished with that label, we decided to tackle the question right away. A stick-in-the-mud
Nephew and nepotism
  日期:2007-06-30 04:13:18
  Word for the WiseSeptember 15, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Nephew and nepotism Nowadays, the word nephew has two well-known meanings and one less-common one. Nephew can refer to the son of one's brother or sister, and it can refer to the son of one's broth
Words from Samuel Johnson
  日期:2007-06-30 04:11:58
  Word for the WiseSeptember 18, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Words from Samuel Johnson Today we remember Samuel Johnson, the writer, editor, and lexicographer who was born on this date in 1709.Doctor Johnson's contributions to English literature are great. I
Broughams and boroughs
  日期:2007-06-30 04:10:50
  Word for the WiseSeptember 19, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Broughams and boroughs Today we mark the 1778 birth of British journalist, statesman, and jurist Henry Peter Brougham. Brougham's name lives on in the lexicon because of his invention: he designed
Remembering Upton Sinclair
  日期:2007-06-30 04:09:55
  Word for the WiseSeptember 20, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Remembering Upton Sinclair Today we mark both the birth anniversary of Upton Sinclair (the writer, reformer, and politician was born on this day in 1878) and the centennial of the publication of hi
Female curmudgeon
  日期:2007-06-30 04:08:55
  Word for the WiseSeptember 21, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Female curmudgeon Call us crusty (that is, with a harsh or surly manner that may conceal an inner kindliness), but we were taken aback by the breadth and volume of responses to a listener's request
The fourth estate
  日期:2007-06-30 04:08:01
  Word for the WiseSeptember 22, 2006 Broadcast Topic: The fourth estate A listener asked how the press came to be known as the fourth estate , then followed up her initial question with this challenge: what are the other three estates? Thanks to the e
  日期:2007-06-30 04:06:56
  Word for the WiseSeptember 25, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Faulknerian William Cuthbert Falkner was born on this date in 1897. Faulkner added the "U" to the spelling of his last name to make it appear more British (when he was trying to enlist in Canada抯
The Objective Correlative
  日期:2007-06-30 04:05:52
  Word for the WiseSeptember 26, 2006 Broadcast Topic: The Objective Correlative Today we mark the 1888 birth of Thomas Stearns Eliot, the American-born poet who grew up to become a British citizen and Nobel Prize winning poet, critic, and playwright.
  日期:2007-06-30 04:04:49
  Word for the WiseSeptember 27, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Sesquipedalian We talked recently about a listener抯 quest for the term for a person who uses large words when smaller ones would do. We couldn抰 come up with precisely the right word for our searc
  日期:2007-06-30 04:04:07
  Word for the WiseSeptember 28, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Parameter An old friend passed along an old (to him) complaint about the supposed misuse of the word parameter . We weren抰 sure just how to characterize his bete noire, but it may be safe to say h
Bobbies, Scotland Yard, and metonymy
  日期:2007-06-30 04:03:18
  Word for the WiseSeptember 29, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Bobbies, Scotland Yard, and metonymy Greater London抯 Metropolitan Police Force opened for business on this date in 1829. The initial response from the public was iffy; half the original officers w
Guess the word
  日期:2007-06-30 04:02:11
  Word for the WiseAugust 01, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Guess the word Ready to test your linguistic reflexes? Today we're playing Guess the word. Here's how it works. We pass along a number of meanings associated with a word (and we will not begin with th
Cataract Awareness Month
  日期:2007-06-30 04:01:06
  Word for the WiseAugust 02, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Cataract Awareness Month August is Cataract Awareness Month. The American Academy of Ophthalmology is reminding folks cataracts are both relatively common and curable. As they encourage people to chec
John T. Scopes and silence
  日期:2007-06-30 03:59:56
  Word for the WiseAugust 03, 2006 Broadcast Topic: John T. Scopes and silence John T. Scopes, who grew up to become the defendant in the so-called Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, was born on this date in the year 1900. Mr. Scopes was willing to stand tri
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