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  日期:2007-06-30 03:23:09
  Word for the WiseJuly 19, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Succor A friend who has done more than her share of lending aid to the needy asked about the word succor . We're not talking about the s-u-c-k-e-r sucker that might refer to a person easily cheated or d
Words from the moon
  日期:2007-06-30 03:21:31
  Word for the WiseJuly 20, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Words from the moon We would guess Neil Armstrong was over the moon about his (and mankind's) first step on the moon 37 years ago today, but it was Buzz Aldrinwho followed Armstrong onto the moonscapewh
Words from 1984
  日期:2007-06-30 03:19:50
  Word for the WiseJuly 21, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Words from 1984 The livin' may be easy in the summer, but some parents aren't content to just tell their children to come in when the streetlights go on. Yes, today we are talking about the playdate . P
Language and bullion
  日期:2007-06-30 03:18:39
  Word for the WiseJuly 24, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Language and bullion Today is Cousins' Day, a day for us to look to the relative merits of what links one word to another. But today's word association game is a bit more colorful than our saying white
Founder and sink
  日期:2007-06-30 03:17:10
  Word for the WiseJuly 25, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Founder and sink Sixty years ago today, in the late night fog off the Nantucket coast, on its final night at sea before its scheduled early morning arrival in New York, the Italian luxury liner Andrea D
Take a hint
  日期:2007-06-30 03:15:27
  Word for the WiseJuly 26, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Take a hint If we'd had even the slightest hint that inkle and inkling both refer to something small and of little consequence, we'd have been sure to have been using both terms by now. We only discover
Your fibs
  日期:2007-06-30 03:12:29
  Word for the WiseJuly 27, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Your fibs Not too long ago, we talked about Fibs the poem created in honor of Leonardo Fibonacci, the Italian mathematician who identified the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers beginning with one,
Poor man's treacle
  日期:2007-06-30 03:05:38
  Word for the WiseJuly 28, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Poor man's treacle As an estimated 130,000 people make their way to Gilroy, California's Garlic Festival, we're doing a bit of celebrating ourselves. Our tribute to the stinking rose has less to do with
Duplication and reduplication
  日期:2007-06-30 03:03:31
  Word for the WiseJuly 31, 2006 Broadcast Topic: Duplication and reduplication On this seventh day of the seventh lunar month, we take note of the Chinese Double Seven Festival. Today's celebration corresponds roughly to the western Valentine's Day; i
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